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A statement from Kaye

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Philosophy of Dance and Instruction

  Dance is education. Lessons at Fig Garden Dance Studio and Kaye’s School of Dance, Dinuba and Sanger are structured and organized. A studio syllabus is followed for instruction from beginners to professionals. Beginning students enrolled in combination classes will take both disciplines to establish a well-rounded, solid education.   

Dance teaches physical and mental skills. The teachers are technically knowledgeable and qualified. Most classes will learn at a different pace because of motor skills of the students.   

Dance is creative and artistic. The choreography taught to students will reflect many different styles and techniques in accordance with the style of the music used and the level and age of the student.    

Dance teaches discipline. The teacher will keep order in the classroom and may have a need to discipline a student with words or actions.    

Dance is fun. The classroom will be not only educational, but a pleasant and fun place to be for all students.   

Definition of Lessons

  Class Lessons: Four or more students are enrolled in one lesson and the class is “open” to any students qualified to join. Length of classes are ½ Hour, 1 Hour or 1&1/2 Hours.   

Semi-Private Lessons: Two or more students are enrolled in one lesson and it is  “closed” to any other students. The length of the lesson is up to the student, the teacher and the studio time available.    

Private Lessons: One student is enrolled in one lesson and is “closed” to all other students. The length of the lesson is up to the student, the teacher and the studio time available.   

Student and Teacher Rights, Attendance and Discipline

  1. Students enrolled in a class lesson may “close” it to other students, but then it is considered a Semi-Private lesson and will be charged accordingly. All students in the class must be in agreement to this “closing”. 

2. If a lesson is missed, the student can “make-up” the lesson in any other class with teacher permission. 

3. If the enrollment in any One-Hour class drops to three students or less, or if the initial enrollment at the onset of instruction is three or less, the teacher can cut the class to One-Half Hour or 45 minutes. The charge for the lesson will still be at the One Hour rate. The reason being is that the class becomes like a Semi-Private or Private lesson and other students pay a premium rates for this privilege.  

4. Any One Hour class that has been cut to One-Half Hour and more students enter until there are at least four, will either be: 

· Expanded to One Hour if the studio time is available. 

· Stay at One-Half Hour and the rate cuts to the Half Hour class rate. 

5. Placement into classes and moving students to higher or lower levels is up the Kaye Migaki or the teacher who is instructing the student. They are more of an expert in this area and make the change in the best interest of the student. 

6. Kaye Migaki or the instructing teacher has the right to remove any student from a class or from the studio if: 

· That student is disrupting or obstructing the education of the other students. 

· Becomes a physical threat to the students and/or the teacher. 

7. The teacher has the right to remove a student from a dance routine because of poor attendance.  

8. Every effort is made to schedule classes at the convenient times for the majority of the students and parents. But because of unforeseen problems or poor attendance, Kaye Migaki or the teacher can move any lesson tot a different day or time. Students will be notified of these changes. 

9. Permanent cancellation of a class is an option for the studio if enrollment or attendance drops. Every effort will be made to place the remaining student(s) into another class. 

10. Due to teacher illness, emergencies or conflicts, a substitute teacher may teach the lessons. If no substitute is available, the lesson may be canceled. Every effort will be made to notify students of the cancellation before the lesson time. A make-up lesson will be scheduled or students can “make-up” in another class. 

11. The teachers may have to make physical contact with students to make the proper corrections, if a parent or student has a problem with this, Kaye or the teacher needs to be informed immediately.  

12. The teacher can take a reasonable amount of tine to change shoes or care for bodily needs. 

13. Taking a private lesson does not assure a student of performing a solo in the Recital.  

Attendance and Discipline

1. Students will be on time for lessons and will not miss class except for illness or emergencies. 

2. The teacher will be in full charge of the instruction of the students. Parents will not intervene in the instruction of lessons, except when there is a severe discipline problem. 

3. Students will take only the amount of “make-up” lessons as lessons missed. 

4. Parents and other observers are not allowed on the dance floor during the lesson time. All observers of any lesson will keep talking and other noise to a minimum. 

5. Chewing gum, food and drinks (other than water) is not allowed on the dance floor.    

Payments and Charges

  1. Tuition is charged by the month only and are due no later than the last day of the month. Absences WILL NOT be deducted from tuition. 

2. Private and Semi-Private can be paid per lesson. However, the student(s) needs to notify the teacher or the office of a lesson will be missed in sufficient time or the lesson will be charged.  3. Discounts are only for students signed up for multiple lessons or families that have siblings enrolled. There are NO DISCOUNTS for ½ hour classes, 1&1/2 hour classes, Semi-Private and Private lessons. 

4. There is a Registration Fee that all students must pay at the time of enrolling. This fee is good for one year of when the student re-registers. If the student paid this fee during the summer, it is waived for the Fall Registration. This fee is nonrefundable if the student discontinues lessons. This fee will be refunded if the student is unable to start lessons because of reasonable conflicts to be determined by Kaye Migaki. 

5. A Late Fee of $1.00 per week will be charged of the tuition payment is not made by the last day of the month.  

6. Payments can be made by check, cash, credit or debit. Checks payable to Fig Garden Dance Studio or Kaye’s School of Dance. Parents or students will pick up their receipts and keep record of payments in case of discrepancies. There is a service charge of a designated amount for any checks returned by the bank.  

7. A student may take a “Trial” lesson at the “Single-Lesson Rate”. This lesson must be paid for before the student can participate in the lesson.  

8. Students eligible for the “Single Lesson” payment plan are: 

· Trial Lesson. This lesson must be paid for in order to take the lesson. 

· Students who take one or two lessons while “passing through” town. 

· Students who begin their first class in mid-month (for that month only). 

· Injury or illness causing prolonged absenteeism (permission by Kaye). 

· Students getting cast in a show or play with rehearsal and performance conflicts (permission by Kaye). 

9. All lessons must be paid for by the end of the year. If payments are not complete, the student risks being ineligible to particulate in the Recital. 

10. Payments for Summer Lessons can be paid for by the per-month or the per-lesson method. A Single-Lesson Rate Sheet will be made available.  

11. Scholarships can be given to deserving students and will be decided on by Kaye Migaki only.   

Recital Commitments and Responsibilities

  1. No student is required to dance in the recital. If a student is unable or wishes to not participate in the Recital, they must notify the teacher before the recital routine is started. 

2. The recital date will be announced at the beginning of the year and will be posted on the bulletin board. 3. Recital Costumes: 

· All costumes will be purchased by the student. 

· If costumes are being ordered by the Studio through a costume house, seamstress or being sewn by Kaye Migaki, the student will pay a deposit of a designated amount for each costume. 

· This deposit is due on or before January 31st and once the costume is ordered, the deposit is not refundable. 

· The costume will not be ordered until the deposit is paid. If the deposit payment is late and the costume must be ordered separately, there will be a substantial “extra postage” charge attached and the student is responsible for this added charge.  

· If the costume costs less than the deposit, a refund will be given. 

· If the costume costs more than the deposit, the balance must be paid before the costume will be issued to the student. 

· If a student discontinues lessons before the recital and a costume was ordered, the student can have the costume as long as the balance has been paid. If the costume is not picked up within three months, it becomes the property of Fig Garden Dance Studio or Kaye’s School of Dance. 

4. Recital Tickets: 

· There is an admission charge for those attending the recital. It is open to the public. Students participating in the recital do not need a ticket. 

· All students are required to sell at least 9 recital tickets (siblings can sell these together) 

· Students can check out and sell more that the required nine. 

· There is a ticket-selling contest that all students are eligible to participate in.